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Our History

Janover's rich and varied history began in 1938 when Richard Janover decided to hang out his own shingle as a practicing public accountant.  The name of the firm was simple and to the point: Richard Janover, CPA.  In the early 50’s, Mr. Janover added two partners, Hy Morse and Michael Berger and as the 60’s rolled around, Mr. Berger went on to become controller of one of the firm’s clients, the N.Y. Football Giants, working for the Mara family for many years, and solidifying one of its future specialization—Sports, Arts & Entertainment.

As the Company was moving through the late 60’s and early 70’s it was experiencing the organic growth typical of any company providing truly valuable services to clients.  Additionally, other small accounting organizations were also attracted to the firm as its reputation developed--they wanted to latch onto a culture that was an underpinning of this kind of dramatic growth.  So began a steady acquisition strategy that exists up until this day.  When Donald Miller and Michael Goodman became partners in 1972, the name of the firm was changed to Richard Janover & Company to reflect this expansion.  In 1975, the firm experienced another merger with mid-sized Terry, Haywood & Rosenthal, and Edward Godlin and Eli Littenberg were added as partners.  Management became adept at identifying trends and adding partners to fill these specializations; as well as melding the different personalities and cultures of organizations so that the whole would be dramatically better than the sum of the parts.

In 1987, the firm joined forces with Kalish Rubinroit & Company.  After this merger, the largest the firm had experienced up to that point, the firm’s name was changed to Janover Rubinroit & Company.  In 1995, the firm entered a period of restructuring and it emerged as Janover Rubinroit, LLC, one of the four divisions of today’s umbrella organization, Janover.  As the firm kept expanding, so did the needs of its client base.  Janover filled this requirement for more professionals with different areas of expertise by once again entering into a string of successful mergers. In 1998, Marc Stoltz & Company, specializing in working with Broker/Dealer firms and the associated SEC reporting requirements, entered as a joint venture firm. Freeberg & Freeberg, CPAs also became a part of the firm in 1998 bringing financial, estate and retirement planning expertise to the firm.  Early in 2002, Samuel Greenberger, CPA, PC merged into the firm with a specialization in the entertainment and personal services businesses.  In late 2003, Rosenzweig & Maffia, a specialist in publishing, sports, and entertainment accounting joined the firm.

Over the last number of years, three more important mergers occurred adding more expert resources to the firm, beginning with the firm Gilbert & Levy in 2006.  The most recent mergers were with Roberts, Rick & Moses in early 2007 and with Alan Hoffman, formerly the Partner in Charge of the Real Estate Practice at Goldstein Golub Kessler, LLP.

Janover Today

In order to provide the breadth and depth of services as well as various financial niche services required by its clients, Janover Rubinroit formed an umbrella company, Janover.   Each unit of Janover possesses the critical expertise required to meet clients’ needs.  As a team with a common goal, collaboration is a key factor to serve the client precisely the way the company and its people would wish to be served themselves.

With offices in Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island, Janover reaches out to a broad range of both business and personal clients, in multiple industries and trade classes. The Company consists of approximately 100 accounting and financial professionals, experts in their various areas, including all phases of audit and accounting, taxation, and business and personal financial consulting.