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Month: January 2013

Click Here to Download the Original Article Richard Janover decided to hang out his shingle as a prac­ticing CPA. The name of the firm was simple and to the point: Richard Janover, CPA. And so was his philosophy: to provide his clients with the finest quality of personal attention and accoun Read More

The New York Wage Theft Prevention Act went into effect in April 2011.  The Act requires all New York private employers to provide payroll information to their New York employees:  at the time they are hired, and  annually thereafter (on or before February 1 of each subsequent year). The f Read More

Back from the Fiscal Cliff – After much press and news, Congress began 2013 by passing the American Relief Act of 2012.  The “Act” is a significant piece of tax legislation that is their partial resolution of the “Fiscal Cliff” problem.  This legislation resolves the majority of t Read More