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Category: Case Studies

Janover leverages technology to drive greater efficiency across our firm by streamlining and automating processes. Identifying and creating better ways for our clients to collaborate with the Janover team is a key focus for us. With SurePrep solutions, we have been able to establish standardi Read More

A Janover client seemed stuck for a $250,000 payment despite a deal falling through Careful scrutiny by Janover unearths the solution Janover often assists clients with the purchase and sale of their businesses. Recently, we provided services to an individual looking to sell his business. But Read More

Timing and Tax Law

A mis-timed distribution can result in costly capital gains Janover’s solution unlocks benefits for shareholders and corporation alike Often, due to timing opportunities, a client of Janover’s will have funds available for a distribution, but no “basis” to distribute t Read More

Claiming revenue upon receipt of income can prove tax-costly Janover identifies a tax deferral opportunity with major benefits in savings Janover recently acquired a new client in the publishing industry. The publisher entered into contracts with customers wherein they would receive payment u Read More

Problem: tax laws can keep a parent company from offsetting losses with a subsidiary’s profits See how Janover finds a viable, sound and legitimate solution via a Management Services Agreement A Janover client in the manufacturing industry owns 90% of a C-Corporation that is extremely p Read More

International business activity offers often-overlooked tax saving opportunities A “DISC” may be the solution that provides significant tax benefits Recently, Janover acquired a client who exports nutritional supplements. As Janover went through our regular process of developing a Read More