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Royalty Compliance

A royalty contract is only as sound as your licensee’s compliance with it.

In a complex digital world without established industry standards specific to royalty accounting, it can sometimes feel like the Royalty Wild West out there. Whether you are in the music business, book publishing, fashion or any other intellectual property field, Janover can help you navigate through the financial aspects of complex royalty contracts and statements that are virtually impossible to understand without the guidance of specialized professionals. We combine big picture expertise with niche-specific knowledge about the accounting methods and standards used in your field to ensure that you receive the royalties you are owed, when you are owed them.

Whether we are working with your legal counsel or other advisors to negotiate the best contract possible or scrutinizing your licensee’s books and records, Janover supports you at every stage of the royalty process. We keep a vigilant eye on your statements, analyzing them across multiple accounting periods and often spotting issues that can be proactively resolved without requiring detailed examination procedures. Informed by decades of experience, our team members can spot errors resulting from “creative” interpretation of royalty provisions, sloppy controls, deceit or unintentional miscalculation that others simply don’t see.

Our royalty team provides a full range of services that includes:

  • Royalty examinations
  • Identification and documentation of underpayments
  • Claims resolution
  • Expert witness testimony in the event of litigation

Your valuable work and ideas deserve the best possible protection. Janover can provide it.