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State & Local Taxation

From New York to California, we know how to make state and local tax laws work to your personal and professional advantage.

State and local tax codes can be every bit as complex as federal tax law. If your business, investments or residences involve more than one state or locality, you are undoubtedly confronted with multiple sets of unique tax planning, structuring and compliance challenges and opportunities. Over the years, Janover has served clients with businesses, investments and residences throughout the country, and our team is prepared for every state or local tax eventuality. In fact, we know that state and local tax laws can and should be used to your advantage.

Our experienced and knowledgeable tax specialists will help you minimize overall tax liability while utilizing state and local tax credits and incentives that other firms often overlook. We will also stay on guard to prevent costly tax overlap, knowing that taxes paid in one state or locality may lower tax burdens in others.

State and local taxation issues impact almost every aspect of your financial affairs. The Janover SALT team provides a wide range of services with areas of expertise including:

  • Income, payroll, property, sales, use and other tax planning, reporting and compliance
  • Estate planning
  • Residency planning
  • State or local audits

Fulfilling your state and local tax obligations doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Janover can help, wherever you may live or work.

Client Resources

We leverage technology to help simplify and automate the tax document sharing and storage process for our clients. See our Client Technology Resource Center for information about gathering and sending important documents to your tax professional, reviewing and signing tax returns, downloading tax documents for your records and more.