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Tax Compliance & Reporting

Giving you the utmost confidence in every return you file…

Few individuals or corporate executives have the time or expertise to understand the intricacies of tax compliance and reporting. The Janover team will relieve all concerned of those burdens, diligently preparing even your most complex returns. We stay current on changing deadlines and industry specific compliance and reporting requirements, and we never lose sight of the big picture goal: minimizing tax liability, managing risk and maximizing savings.

Our specialists know how to distill complicated and opaque tax provisions into clear language that will help you make informed and sound financial decisions. We schedule delivery of tax materials based on your preferred timeline, even if that means working well ahead of IRS, state and local deadlines. The Janover quality control process means that no return will leave our offices without the closest scrutiny.

You will have access to a full team of tax experts with the collective knowledge, experience and resources to answer any compliance or reporting question, anticipate any issue or address any challenge. We know, too, that more and more people and businesses are involved in international transactions that carry a unique set of tax compliance and reporting requirements. Penalties here can be especially costly, and you can trust Janover to help you avoid them.

Our tax professionals offer advice and solutions across a wide range of areas including:

  • Complex flow-through entity reporting
  • Exercises and sales of employee stock options
  • Multi-state returns
  • International transactions

Depend on Janover to deliver high quality tax returns that fulfill your compliance and reporting obligations while we help you achieve your personal and professional financial goals

Client Resources

We leverage technology to help simplify and automate the tax document sharing and storage process for our clients. See our Client Technology Resource Center for information about gathering and sending important documents to your tax professional, reviewing and signing tax returns, downloading tax documents for your records and more.