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Given today’s complicated and often changing tax code, accept nothing less than an accounting firm that knows the law inside and out. Even when faced with the most complex tax challenges, our goal at Janover remains straightforward: to minimize your tax burden and help you take full advanta Read More

Giving you the utmost confidence in every return you file… Few individuals or corporate executives have the time or expertise to understand the intricacies of tax compliance and reporting. The Janover team will relieve all concerned of those burdens, diligently preparing even your most comp Read More

When dealing with tax authorities, you need a team with the depth and breadth of experience to handle even the most complex issues. When the IRS or other tax authorities contact you, it’s time for you to contact a Janover tax representation and controversy expert. Whether the issue involves Read More

When securing your family’s financial future, expert strategies and solutions make all the difference. You have worked a lifetime to accumulate wealth and take care of your family. Yet, without careful advance planning, too much of that wealth can wind up as tax revenue in government accoun Read More

State & Local Taxation

From New York to California, we know how to make state and local tax laws work to your personal and professional advantage. State and local tax codes can be every bit as complex as federal tax law. If your business, investments or residences involve more than one state or locality, you are un Read More

International Taxation

Global business operations and investments bring tremendous financial opportunities, but also tremendous responsibilities. More and more businesses and individuals are engaging in cross border ventures and investments and being confronted with complex international taxation issues at home and Read More

Payroll is a big enough expense without adding costly non-compliance tax penalties to the mix. Your business must follow all applicable employment tax laws. Yet, without expert guidance to help you understand requirements and meet filing deadlines, it is easy to find yourself out of complianc Read More