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Tax revenue recognition can lag income recognition for financial statement purposes

  • Claiming revenue upon receipt of income can prove tax-costly
  • Janover identifies a tax deferral opportunity with major benefits in savings

Janover recently acquired a new client in the publishing industry. The publisher entered into contracts with customers wherein they would receive payment upfront from the customers, then provide goods and services to the customer over a period of time.

At the time the publisher became a Janover client, they were, for tax purposes, recognizing all revenues when they received payment from the customer. Janover identified a tax deferral opportunity. By researching and implementing a revenue recognition tax policy, we were able to defer recognition of revenue until the goods were shipped or the services were provided. This has permitted the publisher to
defer $18M in revenues and reduce taxes by over $7M. This entity was recently subjected to an audit by the IRS and received a “no change”.

The relationships Janover builds with each client allowed them, in this case, to unearth a major savings potential that stands up to IRS audits. For more information on ways a relationship with Janover can be of significant benefit, contact Janover at info@Janoverllc.com

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